Welcome to the Systems in Evaluation TIG website. Through this site, the TIG is embarking on a new journey – creating a community of practice among TIG members and others interested in systems thinking for evaluation practice. We’ll be adding new features over time, so keep an eye on the site for updates and information about SETIG and AEA activities, resources for members, and a marketplace (our Member Agora) for members to share resources and information, make connections, and create a dynamic community of practice in systems thinking for evaluation.

(Un)Conference Facilitators and Scribes: Link to Enter Session Summaries

Thank you for volunteering as a facilitator or scribe for our two (Un)Conference sessions. We have created a form in SurveyMonkey for you to record your session summaries. Click on this link to go to the recording form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F5M3KR8 Some of you may have participated at both sessions or taken on more than …

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