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SETIG-Sponsored Sessions for Evaluation 2018

The 2018 annual meeting was held October 31st-November 3rd at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, OH. For schedule information and the full program, visit the AEA Conference Website.

Here is the list of conference sessions sponsored by the Systems in Evaluation TIG. Click on each link for more information about each session.

Wednesday, October 31

Posters during Evening Reception, 6:00-8:00 pm

2236:Carrot on a Stick – Adaptive Aspirations and Donor Regulations at Odds in Peacebuilding Programming?

2658:Evaluation in the Science of Team Science: The Challenges of Complexity

2120:Seamless Evaluation: How to Integrate Evaluation in Program Activities to Enhance the Client Experience

Thursday, November 1


1906:Systems Approaches for Organizational Development


1785:Measuring What Emerges: Developmental Evaluation of an Innovation Ecosystem Pilot Program

1936:Principles-Focused Evaluation for Robust M&E Frameworks: Examples from countering violent extremism


1915:Working with micro-narratives for monitoring, evaluation and decision-making in complex systems: A demonstration of the SenseMaker approach


1875:Using Transformative Evaluation perspective to evaluate system changes that promote racial equity and healing and address structural racism


TIGBM54:Systems in Evaluation TIG Business Meeting

Friday, November 2


1457:Are We Part of the Problem or Solution?: Using Systems Approaches to Speak Truth(s) to Power(s) for Better or Worse

1550:Seeing Patterns and Setting Conditions for Speaking Truth to Power: A Human Systems Dynamics Model of Generative Engagement

1852:Working with Assumptions: Understanding how Evaluators Make Decisions about Capturing Reality/Context


2325:Breaking News: We Can’t Control Everything! – Using Systems Thinking to Understand Context in Development Projects


2125:Introducing a structured systems-thinking approach to uncover ongoing supports and barriers in a network of family planning activities

2669:Negotiating Power and Equity Systems Change Evaluations

2610:WASH and Learn: Using Systems Thinking to Improve the Sustainability of WASH Service Provision


2408:Building, Evaluating, and Measuring Collective Capacity to Speak Truth to Power

1466:Mixing Methods to Capture Complex Truths: Case-based Conversations between Systems & Mixed Method Evaluators


1186:Applying Principles for the Effective Use of Systems Thinking and Complexity Science in Evaluation

SE1:Systems Approaches to Speaking Truth to Power

2740:Systems Thinking as a Frame for Speaking Truth to Power?

Saturday, November 3



2225:Should complexity-aware theories of change be problem-centric? Insights borrowed from system dynamics modeling


2009:Leadership Development as a Systems Intervention to Advance Equity: Critical Considerations for Evaluators

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