SETIG-Sponsored Sessions for Evaluation 2017

This year’s annual meeting will be held November 8-11 at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington DC. For schedule information and the full program, visit the AEA Conference Website.

Here is the list of conference sessions sponsored by the Systems in Evaluation TIG. Click on each link for more information about each session. For up to date room information, download the AEA conference app.


Wednesday, November 8


2973:The Versatility of a Principles-Focused Approach: The who, what, where, why and how of principles-focused evaluations

Posters during Evening Reception, 6:00-8:00 pm

1864:Comparing use of Developmental Evaluation in Supportive Housing Projects

2805:Integrating an Individual-level and Systems-level Evaluation: Evaluating the St. Louis Re-Entry Community Linkages Program

1912:Study on characteristics and evaluation method of convergent science

3097:Using Developmental Evaluation to Enhance the Effectiveness of the Los Angeles Veteran’s Collaborative


Thursday, November 9


2423:Conducting Evaluation System Diagnostics – Tools and Experience from INGOs and Governments


SiE1:Measuring Progress in Complex Environments


1611:Thinking Innovatively about M&E: Timebound Systemigrams


SiE2:Systems Approaches to Evaluation in International and Cross-Cultural Settings


TIGBM52:Systems in Evaluation TIG Business Meeting


Friday, November 10


1136:Does Language Matter for Systems-informed Evaluation? Balancing Plurality with Clarity

1830:Evaluating and advancing equity within the context of a systems change strategy

2563:Hidden Systems: Conducting Political Economy Analysis in Difficult Data Contexts

2961:Putting the Fun and Useful into Using Systems Approaches in Evaluation Practice


2324:Mapping for closing the gap between learning and doing


1294:Outcome Harvesting with a twist of Systems Thinking. Yes please!

Ignite (1:45-3:15)

1096:SPACES-part 3

2840: Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Building a Learning and Social Impact Framework in Complex Systems


1738:CREATIVE COUNTERFACTUALS: Alternatives to “what would have happened” in a complex world


2373:Developing, Sustaining, and Evaluating Health Equity Coalitions as Systems Interventions


Saturday, November 11


2742:Evaluation of a large-scale longitudinal college science (STEM) education reform effort using systematic pathway modeling approach


2204:Guiding Principles for the Effective Use of Systems Thinking and Complexity Science in Evaluation: Final Phase of Development