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February 2016 Newsletter

  Systems in Evaluation TIG Winter 2016 Newsletter       Welcome! The Systems in Evaluation TIG (SETIG) leadership is excited about our plans for engagement with the TIG membership in 2016. The outgoing and incoming SETIG leadership teams collaborated to establish three action teams to carry forward important SETIG initiatives. The Manifesto …

September 2016 Newsletter

Systems in Evaluation TIG September 2016 Newsletter Welcome! If “systems” makes your pulse race, please read on to learn more about how you can take part in the SETIG elections, SETIG action teams, and AEA 2016 in Atlanta. Systems in Evaluation TIG Elections:  Elections begin today!  The talented Ginger Fitzhugh is stepping down after …

February 2018 Newsletter

  Systems in Evaluation TIG February 2018 Newsletter       SETIG Principles Project Update Heather Britt and Marah Moore, SETIG Co-Chairs In 2017, the Systems in Evaluation TIG (SETIG) launched the Principles Project to develop guiding principles for the use of systems concepts in evaluation. (See October newsletter for important background …

October 2018 Newsletter

Systems in Evaluation TIG October 2018 Newsletter     Leadership Team Notes Hello, Systems in Evaluation TIG Members! We’re looking forward to seeing many of you face-to-face during the AEA 2018 conference in Cleveland at the end of October.  This newsletter includes a listing of the excellent sessions on offer at the conference plus information …