March 2020 Newsletter

Systems in Evaluation TIG

March 2020 Newsletter



Leadership Team Notes

Hello, Systems in Evaluation TIG Members!

Have you sent in your proposal for Evaluation 2020 yet? Remember, the deadline is March 18, Wednesday, at 11:59 EDT. That’s less than two weeks from now! Even if you don’t submit, you can still contribute to making the conference a success by signing up as a peer reviewer. Want to get your work featured here or meet up with local SETIG members? Read on for more details on these and other exciting things you can be part of in SETIG this year.

Until next month,

Emily Gates & Kim Norris, SETIG Co-chairs

Jeneen R. Garcia & Clara Shim, SETIG Program Chairs


Submit a Proposal to AEA 2020

We encourage you to consider submitting a proposal for the AEA annual conference to be held October 26 – October 31, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. The theme, How Will You Shine Your Light?, provides an open opportunity for SETIG to share successes and challenges in applying systems and complexity thinking and approaches in evaluations. We particularly encourage submissions that could be co-sponsored by another TIG to help foster cross-TIG connections and those featuring research on systems- and complexity-informed evaluation. We also encourage proposals from early-career and racially or ethnically underrepresented researchers and evaluators.

  • If you are interested in coordinating with other TIG members to submit a joint proposal, please contact SETIG member John Murray at
  • We are looking for SETIG members who live or work nearby to Portland, OR and who are willing to help create and coordinate ways for us to connect with local organizations or communities. Please contact SETIG co-chair, Kim Norris at


Sign up to Review SETIG Submissions for AEA 2020

Volunteer peer reviewers are the backbone of SETIG’s program line-up at the AEA Conference. This is how we ensure that quality proposals related to systems in evaluation get the space and time that they deserve. As a peer reviewer, you will be asked to review between 2 and 4 proposals, with an average review time of 20-30 mins per proposal. You will have two weeks to complete the reviews in April 2020. This is a great way to contribute to a better Evaluation 2020 and learn firsthand what your peers are doing. If you have any questions, contact SETIG program co-chairs, Jeneen R. Garcia at or Clara Shim at Ready to review? Sign up HERE.


Updates on SETIG Priority Planning

SETIG leadership has been working to better serve members’ needs and contribute to the field of systems- and complexity-informed evaluation. Building on membership survey results and member input at the 2019 AEA conference, we have had two planning meetings and another this month with prior SETIG leaders. Next month, we will share out priorities and plans, to date, and invite your involvement – stay tuned.


Rad Resources & Readings

In future newsletters, we will showcase several recently published or popularly used resources and readings to promote learning and sharing among members. We encourage you to send favorites, your own work, or other ideas to Emily Gates, SETIG co-chair at


Upcoming Events & Member Meet-Ups

For the next newsletter, we will include upcoming events relevant to SETIG members, including virtual webinars and in-person events. Send any events to Emily Gates, SETIG co-chair at We also plan to host several SETIG virtual events including a book club and pre-AEA webinars as well as promote events that you all share with us. In particular, if you are willing to coordinate a local meet-up (such as ‘systems thinkers & drinkers’ over happy hour) one month, this is a great way to invite others to attend.


Stay Connected

Use #SETIG on Twitter and check out our SETIG website.

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