July 2020 Newsletter

Hi SETIG Members,

It’s been great to see some of you at our virtual events! We’re writing with a few updates on AEA’s move to an online conference, a few resources to check out, and highlights from our meetups and journal club.

Emily Gates & Kim Norris, SETIG Co-chairs
Jeneen R. Garcia & Clara Shim, SETIG Program Chairs


AEA 2020 Going Virtual

AEA has made the decision to go completely virtual for the AEA Evaluation Annual Conference, Evaluation 2020. Because the virtual experience does not allow as many speaking opportunities, AEA is currently working with TIG leaders to make decisions on acceptances. We will announce the decisions once they are finalized, so please stay tuned.

Rad Resources & Readings Hub 

Here we share resources, readings, events, and other things relevant to building our systems thinking in evaluation work and connecting with others within and beyond SETIG. Send us your ideas of what to include in future newsletters using this form.

NEW Blogpost Series on Systems & Complexity: 

Featuring posts by Jonny Morell, Meg Hargreaves, Martin Reynolds, Aaron Zazueta, & Bob Williams. They welcome comments on what’s posted.

Blue Marble Evaluation Book Club & Webinars.

Discuss chapters from Michael Quinn Patton’s book, Blue Marble Evaluation: Premises and Principles. The book club is only available to members of the Blue Marble Evaluation network. More info here.

Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN).

Looking to up your knowledge and skills evaluating complex policies and programs? Check out this syllabus.

Fave Journal Articles. 

Emily’s a fan of this article on actor-based theory of change (email her if you can’t access it). Jeneen’s returning to a favorite on the concept of the anthropocene as a game-changer: a new context for social innovation and transformations to sustainability.

Upcoming SETIG Events & Member Meet-ups

Here we share events and opportunities to connect that SETIG hosts.

SETIG Virtual Member Meet-up. 

We’ve kicked off our monthly meetups – a space for us to think together about whatever systems+evaluation ideas are brewing in our work and lives. A few highlight covered include:

        • Connections between racial & climate in/justice from systems perspectives
        • How systems thinking goes beyond seeing and modeling systems and engaging different viewpoints to embodied ways of being systemic
        • Questions about changing systems towards equity
        • Online formats for systems mapping and group work
        • Supporting policymakers & others in looking at COVID-19 data from systemic lenses

Next meetings are Weds Aug 5th @ 12pm & Thurs Aug 20th @ 5pm US Eastern. We’ll only send reminders to those who signed up for the list. To be added, email emily.gates@bc.edu.

Journal Club. 

We held our first official SETIG Journal Club meeting on July 9th. SETIG members discussed the reading “Systems Thinking for Evaluation” by Gerald Midgley (Editors: Bob Williams & Iraj Imam) and perhaps more importantly, started to build a learning community supportive of each other’s interests in systems thinking. Based on feedback, we will discuss an article for one month and invite the author of the article for a Q&A session the following month. The date & time for the upcoming SETIG Journal Club meetings have been set:

        • Thursday August 13th 5-6pm US Eastern – Article Discussion
        • Thursday September 10th 5-6pm US Eastern – Q&A with Author

The SETIG Journal Club is a great way for evaluators entering the systems field and new TIG members to get to know each other. We’ll only send reminders and meeting links to those who sign up. To be added to the list, fill out the following Google form: LINK

Stay Connected & Involved

Reach out to us personally or through the SETIG email at systemsinevaluationtig@gmail.com. Stay tuned for updates on our social media outreach and a revamp of our website!

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